The Disc Golf Pro Tour

MVP Open in Leicester, MA

The last time I had the chance to see the Pros in person was at the RFDO in Rochester, NY back in 2014. It was awesome to see Feldberg on Hole 18 sink a huge putt to go into overtime with Simon. He ends up winning with a sweet drive on Hole 1 and a very nerve-racking 15 foot putt into the heart of the chains!

Having the opportunity to see such a high skill of play was so fun and being so close to players I emulate made me feel like such a kid. I loved it and I am looking to capture more moments at the MVP Open in Massachusettes September 3-5!

Maple Hill 2021

Still, at 40 years old, I had the opportunity to feel like a little child in a candy store getting their first chance to taste that sweet sugary lollipop! Although the weather did not cooperate to allow me to play with the pros before the tournament started, I did have the opportunity to walk around with my camera and capture some amazing moments. I hope to do this year after year and see the new talent that comes through. It truly was so cool to see all those faces you see on Jomez in real life and hear them talk, see them walk, and watch them play. To be able to capture those moments is truly something I will never forget. Come check out the moments that I was able to capture over the last few days.