The Lodge at Shadow Hill

Getting Ready

Every bride needs space to get ready for the big day. The windows of this room allow light to flood in and they give a magnificent view of the forest. There is plenty of space for the bridal party to feel comfortable with a table, chairs, sofa, and a full kitchen. The precious moments leading up to a wedding are sure to look beautiful with this room as the backdrop.


This serene outdoor ceremony location overlooks the pond which is home to a few geese who enjoy roaming the property. The grey stone flooring nicely contrasts with the natural surroundings and can accommodate seating for 100 guests. In the fall, the tapestry of the changing foliage is a stunning sight that looks beautiful in wedding photos.

Formal Photos

This venue offers up a plethora of locations to get pictures of the family, bridal party, and newlyweds. There is a large pond, beautiful bridge, nature paths, forest, and gorgeous architecture. Wedding photographers will be thrilled to pose the bride and groom against this scenery.

Cocktail Hour

Before the reception, guests will have an enjoyable time mingling around beautifully landscaped stone walkways and admiring the rustic buildings with timber frames, solid wood siding, and slate roofs. The Lodge at Shadow Hill has both outdoor and indoor locations that conjoin with the reception hall for easy mobility from cocktail hour to reception. Nobody will mind waiting here while the bride and groom get their formal wedding photos taken around the property.


The striking granite columns and fireplace are the focal points of the main lodge. With over 1,500 sqft of space and seating for up to 200, guests will marvel at the elegance of this room.

All of this natural beauty is combined with high-end technology. This room is equipped with two large screens that are perfect for displaying slide shows, a sound system with two handheld wireless mics for toasts, and individually controlled dimmer lights for creating the perfect ambiance. Connect all this to the 1,200 sqft deck and it's truly the perfect place to host a wedding.

Late Night

In the evening hours, guests can move to a more quiet setting to relax and wind down. The firepit and gardens are softly lit under the tree canopy. Listening to the crackling of the fire and night sounds of the forest is a lovely way to say farewell to the day's festivities.


Enjoy a ride on the Shadow Hill Shuttle! This 10+ person vehicle is a super nice amenity for getting around on a big property. Making it easier for the bride to travel in heels and a long gown, or helping elderly guests, this shuttle is a convenient asset on a wedding day.

Full Tour Ahead

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